Shizukou & Reiny

VTubers @ YouTube

Shizukou is a Panda VTuber from the UK, who streams on Twitch, YouTube and bilibili! Shizu is known for her passion for gaming and “engaging” streams – don’t miss out your chance to bully this panda!

Reiny is an Android from the UK and streams on Youtube & Twitch alongside her VTuber sister, Ojiki-chan. She’s a gamer and also loves pushing the boundaries of VTuber content with crazy and hilarious 3D and VR streams! She’s also an illustrator and often shares her art on Twitter.

We are delighted they are attending Animangapop 10 Year Anniversary event so make sure to catch them on Main State! – They have amassed a Whopping  381,000+ fans already and growing¬!